Textile designer turned painter, Jojo Bedell creates works mainly in oils from her home studio in East London.

Jo Studio shot


Ten years working in the design industry creating prints for fashion and interiors was an exciting and eye opening time for Jo, originally from a village on the outskirts of Sheffield; however, the move to painting felt like a natural and necessary transition for her to really start to explore her identity as a creative without the constraints of mass commercial pressure.

With her roots in textiles still very visible in her work, she paints a world of clashing prints and patterns within scenes that capture the wrinkles, textures and depths within the folds and contours of the petals, clothes or fabrics being studied.

"Seeing the prints on fabric completely transforms them and brings them to life, and to see them wrapped around the ripples of a blanket, shirt or dress is so beautiful; there’s something about capturing them again back in 2D form that I can’t resist."

Inspired by our connection with decoration and patterns within fashion and interiors, and how one’s identity and story can be understood or changed through the choices in what we wear or surround ourselves with.

Her works are a carefully planned amalgamation of photographs and print designs that are layered and pieced together digitally before recreating the image in paint on canvas or paper.  


Select works also available with Saatchi Art